Trading Terms & Conditions

Any quotation made by Botanica Nurseries Ltd, and any order placed with or goods supplied by Botanica Nurseries Ltd are subject to the following terms & conditions:

  1. All lights, decorations , stand etc remain the property of Botanica Nurseries Ltd and must be available for collection at the agreed time. Any missing items will be charged for in addition to the agreed rental cost.
  2. Suitable interior power points or an extension lead must be available for use on the agreed delivery date.
  3. Cut Christmas trees will shrink and lose their colour in office conditions. Botanica Nurseries Ltd will use high quality trees but cannot guarantee that they will hold their shape and needles for more than two weeks. All trees must be watered and kept away from a heat source.
  4. All accounts become overdue if not settled within 30 days following the date of invoice. Interest at 2% per month from date of invoice can be charged on all overdue accounts.
  5. For hired goods, title of the goods shall remain with Botanica Nurseries Ltd at all times. Risk in the goods passes to The Hirer upon delivery (or collection). Responsibility for insuring the goods lies with The Hirer.
  6. Any discounts must be agreed in writing and are granted on the basis that payment is received within the credit periods stated in paragraph 1 above. Failure to comply with these credit terms may make the said discount null & void and necessitate a further invoice.
  7. Botanica Nurseries Ltd reserve the right to enter the Hirer/Buyer’s premises to repossess any goods which remain in ownership of Botanica Nurseries Ltd pursuant to Clause 2 above.
  8. For Hired goods, Botanica Nurseries Ltd reserve the right to change any goods for comparable ones having given reasonable notice to The Hirer.
  9. Hirers shall be deemed to accept these conditions (and any conditions/prices contained in any Estimate, Quotation or Contract previously received) as part of a binding contract by placing a verbal or written order with Botanica Nurseries Ltd, and/or by accepting delivery of goods or commencement of services.
  10. In situations where a previous Contract, Quotation or Estimate differs from a later one, the later one is deemed to be in operation.
  11. Any variations to these terms & conditions in any document of the Buyer/Hirer is inapplicable unless accepted in writing by the Company
  12. Any contract entered into by the Company shall be governed by English Law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of The English Courts
  13. Delivery or collection on a particular day cannot be guaranteed. Delivery and Collection times will be decided by Botanica Nurseries Ltd – all trees will be removed on or before 6th January.