Saving Exeter’s Christmas lights!

City Centre bosses have confirmed that Exeter will be going ahead with its Christmas lights display thanks to two local firms.

The inspiring display would cost the city’s council £50,000, but after its declaration to cut £2.4m from its budget it was looking unlikely the streets of Exeter would experience much festive spirit this Christmas.

The bail-out was provided by South West Communications with an amount that the Council would match, and the lights are to be erected by Sungift Solar.

City centre manager John Harvey, stated that this payment method was just a “one-year solution”.

A number of shop keepers have stated concerns that customers might send their business elsewhere if the City had no decorations.

Tony Rowe, of South West Communications, said “You can’t have Exeter without Christmas lights. It’s like saying to little Johnnie that you can have Christmas, but not have a Christmas tree.

What kind of message is that sending out to the rest of the West Country?”

Mr Harvey said: “I’m really grateful to people who are Exeter-based that have done something truly remarkable for their city.”

However, he also admits that “We need look at options to ensure that we never return to this position again where negotiations continue so close to the Christmas period.”

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